Saturday, December 19, 2020

Sidney Powell being considered for Special Counsel - She's a licensed Military Lawyer !

From Gateway Pundit - REPORT: President Trump Met with Sidney Powell and General Flynn in Oval Office – Discussed Deploying Military, Naming Powell as Special Counsel on Election Fraud

Sidney is a licensed Military Lawyer - here's the link.

Analysis: Leftists and Traitors across America are having night terrors while they are wide awake at the thought of The Kraken hunting them with the full force of the US Government at her disposal!!

Monday, December 7, 2020

Rubicon Don

The Leftists in America have taken our patience and tolerance as weakness for too long.

They are arrogantly, blatantly trying to overthrow President Donald Trump in a coup by fraud, corruption and deception in the election.  They are trying to detonate our economy and destroy our way of life by exploiting COVID.

No more.  We are done.  No more unconstitutional tyranny.  No more infringement and oppression of our natural rights.

President Trump - Cross the Rubicon and shut these people down.

The courts will not do their duty.  The US Congress is corrupt and refuses to do its duty.  Leftist Governors, bureaucrats and State Legislators obstruct Justice and Liberty.

We the People call on President Donald Trump to stand tall and do the right thing.

Call us and millions of American Patriots will leave our homes and cover your back.

We are not afraid of BLM or Antifa mobs.  We are not afraid of wayward "Law Enforcement" who will dare try to enforce unconstitutional laws upon us.  We are not afraid of our neighbors who desire the fallacy of security over the gift of liberty.  We are not afraid of the mobs that will form against us.  We are not afraid of tyrants in our political offices.

Mr. President:

  • Declare a national State of Emergency
  • Declare the 2020 Election to be irredeemably compromised
  • Declare that our civilian courts are compromised and failing to observe the Constitution
  • Invoke the Insurrection Act
  • Declare all acts of election fraud are National Security Threats and to be treated as Treason
  • Order a new election to be conducted by the US Military
  • Order that our new election be conducted with paper ballots and hand counted by US Military personnel
  • Order the military to establish tribunals to process election tampering cases
  • Order the military to investigate election fraud
  • Order the military to investigate Dominion and all election companies
  • Order the military to determine every act of election interference by Foreign Governments as a matter of National Security
  • Order the execution by firing squad of every person found GUILTY of election fraud in the 2020 election
There is no need to suspend the Constitution as many people advocate.  There is no need to suspend habeas corpus.  There is no need to invoke martial law.

The Founders and Framers crafted our Constitution to handle problems as we face today - within the Constitution.  One cannot save the Constitution by ignoring it or violating it!

America does not need a Caesar.  But we do need a strong President who will Cross the Rubicon and save the republic!